The music business has changed in a big way in the last 10 years, which has directly impacted CD and DVD burning. It started with pirating sites that offered music at no cost to anyone with an account. These were all shut down very fast, or even forced to demand for the music then pay royalties to the artists. Since soundcloud to wav , the industry has been revolutionized by digital downloads. No longer are individuals buying albums only from huge music distributors. Now, they’re able to get the music via download from the artist’s website. The middleman — the record company — has been cut out. But, this does not mean that recording itself is dead.

1. No One Makes CDs Anymore

This is not the case; DVD and CD burning remains alive and well. It is simply not done by the enormous music companies almost as by smaller, private studios. Computers have given people the opportunity to record professional sounding records in the basements of theirs. They still have to do CD cover printing and CD inlay printing in order to offer their work. They simply have to drop by its own print company that could present these services outside of the big record companies.

2. People Do not Buy CDs

While things are certainly trending this way, these’re much from obsolete. The reason this particular myth exists is simply because individuals do not purchase them in as huge of quantities as they used to. Nonetheless, fans that are a lot of want to buy a CD the moment it comes out if they’re at a show. They don’t wish to wait until they return home to download it off of the internet because chances are they could not tune in it on the way home. Various artists will even sell hard copies of the work of theirs at shows before it is going to come out in a digital format.

3. The Art Quality No Longer Matters

People believe that this is the situation as they don’t bother to read the art as much when they download a couple of songs. The quality of the CD cover printing still has to be as high as ever, though. If it looks professional, folks will be prone to spend the money of theirs on it. The record companies got one thing right when they made bands look professional, and a print company still must capture that in this new era of music.

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